6 Ways You Can Buy Back Your Time

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Have you ever come home and wished that your dinner was already cooked or that your house was clean?  Is saving time more important than saving your money? What if you could outsource some things to buy your time back? We can all use more time to enjoy our lives. Outsourcing those jobs that take up your time or that you just don’t enjoy could be a way to buy back your time. 

Ways you can buy back your time: 

1. Cleaning Services

Cleaning is a task that I know I loved having outsourced. Coming into a clean house after a day at work or a day with the kids is one of the greatest things. The smell of clean just hits different when someone else does it. You don’t have to have someone clean your house every week. They can come do a deep clean once a month or every few months. Our house is not the only thing that needs to be cleaned. What about your car? Having someone come in to detail or even wash your car might be something that you feel is worth the cost so that you do not have to do it. Are you drowning in clutter? Is nothing in your home bringing you joy? Bring someone in to help you clean up those spaces that you can’t even think about touching. It may be easier for someone else to help you get rid of things you no longer need.  Decide what might be helpful to you and also what would be the best price point for you.

2. Toll Roads 

Toll Roads might not be available for everyone but if they are on your commute they might be worth looking into. Taking a toll road could cost a few dollars per week or you can even get a pass to help you save time on going to work. Who likes driving an hour for work when you could take a toll road and get there in less time. Tolls roads are usually better maintained so that can help with wear and tear for your car. If you plan on taking toll roads often, look into a pass. Sometimes you get discounts when you have a pass. For example, the toll road we take to Columbia has a pass so you can skip the cash line and you actually save money.

3. Grocery Pickup or Delivery

When my kids are sick, grocery pickup is great when I need groceries but can’t take them into the store. Just take your time and set up your order. Some grocery stores depending on your location will even deliver the groceries to you. This is limited to grocery stores but even Target and Walmart. It is easier to spend 15 minutes making an order and then picking it up around my schedule than having to find time to go to the store and spending at least an hour picking up groceries. 

4. Yard Work

Mowing is my quiet time (aka crime podcasts and no children) but not everyone feels that way. Some people do not  enjoy yard work or do not have the tools to create the yard they would like to have. There are so many different service companies out there that will mow, trim, hedge and even plant your flowers for you. You can even pay a neighborhood kid to come cut your yard. Sounds like a win win for you and the neighbor. 

5. Laundry

Laundry the chore that never ends. Just when you have everything cleaned and folded, you have a whole new pile. Can you imagine taking your laundry to someone who washes, dries, folds and even irons it? How much time would you get back in just one week of not having to do laundry? Easily 5 hours a week could be gained by having someone else do your laundry. I personally don’t mind laundry since I work from home. I just try to do a load every 1-2 days but if the laundry keeps piling up, even look to outsource this once a month to give you a break.

6. Pool Cleaning

Although I don’t have a pool (it is on my wish list), I definitely would outsource this. Pools are fun but there is a lot of maintenance needed. No one wants to jump into a green pool. Hiring a pool service can allow you to have more time beside the pool than cleaning the pool. It can also help keep you from having to keep chemicals around your home because the service will bring their own chemicals. You can choose when they come so that it will not interfere with your swimming time. 

Outsourcing tasks or chores that you don’t enjoy or have time for might seem like an indulgence but if it helps you get back some of your time, some of your life and you can put it in your budget, why not? If you’re ready to spend more on the things you value while still reaching your money goals, check out my FREE podcast Making Money Moves for actionable tips you can implement NOW.

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