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78% of millennials (aged 18-36) do not have estate planning documents in place.

64% of Generation X (aged 37-52) do not have estate planning documents in place.

If you died tomorrow would your family know how to access your bank accounts, take care of your kids/pets, or contact your bill and insurance providers? I know this is a morbid topic that most people don’t want to talk about but we NEED to start talking about it.

When I first heard of The Purposeful Penny’s Every Little Detail (ELD) Book I was intrigued. I am turning 27 next month. I do not have a will, just got engaged, and definitely don’t have final wishes planned out. Of course I would love to live to see my great-grandkids playing in my yard but that doesn’t mean it is going to happen. It doesn’t matter if you are 25 or 55, the ELD Book can help you prepare for the unexpected.

Money Prep | Prepare for the Unexpected

When I die, I do not want my husband, kids, or family to be stressed about figuring out my passwords, what bills I pay, how much money I have, or my final wishes. I want to be organized and have a plan in place for them to make it as easy as possible. That is where the ELD Book comes in.

You can click here to check it out and get more information.

What Is It?

The ELD Book has 198 pages and 17 distinct sections covering the big life details such as your complete financial standing to the smaller details such as your pet’s favorite toy. Not every section is relevant to every person so you can fill out what is important right now. You can update it later as life changes.

What Are the Sections?

There are 17 sections packed with prompts and information so your loved ones are prepared. Some of the sections are:
-personal information
-estate plan details
-final wishes
-logins & passwords
-important contacts

What Is the Cost?

Honestly, when Paige said she was creating this book I thought it would be WAY more expensive. It is only $25! That is such a steal for the highest level of peace of mind. It is a one time cost and you can edit, print, recreate this document as many times as you want. If you’re like me and think this is a must-have, click here to buy.

Why Should I Buy?

  1. Easy to Use: It is a fillable PDF so you can keep it saved on your computer or you can print it and put it in a binder if you want to keep a hard copy. Paige has instructions in the beginning but it is SO easy to use. Just go through the book and fill in the prompts that Paige provides. If it doesn’t apply to you, skip it and come back to it when it does.
  2. It Covers EVERYTHING: I spent almost an hour yesterday going through this book and just reading everything that is in it. Y’all it covers EVERYTHING. There were so many prompts that I didn’t even know about myself so I really need to get on this.
  3. Gives You a Peace of Mind: Death is not only sad but it can be extremely stressful. I don’t want my family worrying about how to access my accounts, my estate plans, or even my favorite recipes.

Even if you have a will, the ELD book covers everything that your loved ones might need. I HIGHLY recommend checking it out and making sure you are prepared for the unexpected.

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