Not Another Money Statistic

In November 2017, the US consumer debt total rose to $3.927 trillion

73% of Americans will die with consumer debt

Yes, these statistics are TERRIFYING. We don’t want YOU to become another money statistic. Did you know most high schools do not teach personal finance? We learn calculus and the periodic table but do not learn how to stay out of debt and how to create a budget.

You might be thinking, if I am in high school I don’t need to worry about money yet. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The earlier you start thinking about your finances and preparing, the better off you will be.

It doesn’t matter if you were prom king/queen or if you were the most popular guy/girl in school, that won’t help you stay out of debt.

There are a million money books out there so why did we write one? Well many of them are geared toward fixing your money mistakes. We don’t want to just help fix your money mistakes, we want to prevent them.

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