I’m Alli Williams and I am so happy

My husband and I paid off over $50k of debt in 2 years WHILE paying cash for our wedding, cash flowing school tuition, and still buying football season tickets (Go Gamecocks!). 

This year, we have been faced with many unexpected financial emergencies like $6k in vet bills, $3k in car repairs, and a loss of income due to COVID.

The best part of all of this loss? We didn’t stress about this at all (seriously). We had a plan and we’re able to make decisions without worrying about the financial implications.

This is the financial freedom I want everyone to experience.

My FinanciALLI Focused Framework helps women transform their money mindset and develop a plan to spend, save, and pay off debt all at the same time. I don’t believe in deprivation or barebones budgeting but spending intentionally and making your money work for you.

I’ve helped dozens of women through my signature program, Flourish FinanciALLI, and private coaching and I cannot wait to help you too. 

Are you ready to stop asking yourself “can I afford this” before making decisions?

All you need to do is take that first step.  


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