Thank you so much for your interest in my blog. financiALLI focused is a personal finance and lifestyle blog aimed to help people set goals and reach them. I want others to be able to create their own budgets, learn to save money, and live the life they always wanted. I am excited to work with you. If your post is chosen, I will also promote this post on my social media accounts. If you have any questions please reach out at financiallifocused@gmail.com

Rules for Guest Posts:

  1. Each post must be at least 800 words.
  2. Each post must have sub headings, bolded statements, or lists. This could be in the form of steps, tips, reasons, etc.
  3. Please provide all photos you want to be included in the post.
  4. You can include your blog link as well as 1-2 social media links.
  5. The ideas must be your own.
  6. The post will be owned by financiALLI focused. A guest poster cannot republish the post on their own site or another site.
  7. You can promote the post on your site and put a link to the post on your site.

Topics Can Include (but are not limited to):

Submissions Must Include:

  1. Post in Microsoft Word Format sent to financiallifocused@gmail.com
  2. Short biography 50 words or less (include blog logo or photo)
  3. Any photos needed in the post

The Review Process:

  1. You will hear back from me within 2 weeks of submission if your post will be chosen.
  2. You will be notified what date your post will be on my blog.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!