Everything You Need to Know About the 2020 PowerSheets

Everything You Need To Know About The

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Can you believe 2019 is almost over? This year FLEW by! I think it went by even faster because of our wedding. If you missed our wedding budget and vendor breakdown, you can view that here.

Think back to the end of 2018. I know it seems like a lifetime ago but around that time we all began brainstorming goals for 2019.

How many did you set?
Did you reach them in 2019?
Did you even write them down?
If you wrote them down, did you write the starting steps?

If you answered zero or no to any of the above questions, first you are not alone. Second, there is a tool that can help you.

The PowerSheets Goal Planner. I have used it for 4 years now and I cannot wait for the 2020 version. If you follow me on social media, you definitely have seen my monthly tending lists. I won’t lie, they aren’t cheap but they are worth it. The 2020 PowerSheets are $60 which is $5/month. I spend more than $5/month on Starbucks each month and PowerSheets are SO much better.

What if you could spend $5/month for a tool that will help you not only set goals but actually reach them? Totally worth it.

What are PowerSheets?

For those of you who are sitting here thinking what are PowerSheets, let me quickly explain. PowerSheets are an intentional goal planner. Page-by-page goal coaching will keep you on track. This research-backed process gets the results you’ve been wanting!

In your PowerSheets, you’ll write down your goals in your own handwriting. Neuroscience research shows that people who write down their goals are 42% more likely to accomplish those goals than people who don’t.

There are NEW covers for 2020!!! I am so excited!! What cover are you going to get? Let me know in the comments. I am in love with the Blooms cover. One new thing for 2020 is HARDCOVERS! When your PowerSheets are open, which is 95% of the time, you don’t see the cover but I am super excited about the hardcover option with an INSIDE POCKET!

One more new feature for 2020 is monthly calendar pages. You can plan your progress and live out your priorities
using these new pages. Connect your goals with everyday life!

At the beginning of every set of PowerSheets, there is prep work to really help you think about what your goals are and what you want to accomplish in the next year. I highly recommend doing this before the start of the year and discussing it with a spouse, friend, coworker, or really anyone. One thing that really helped me the past few years was having a mini accountability group with some other PowerSheets users. We “met” (virtually) once a month to discuss our upcoming goals, what we accomplished this month, things we are struggling with, etc. It really was a game-changer. Do NOT rush the prep work. Give yourself plenty of time to reflect, brainstorm, and fill in the prep work.

My Favorite Parts

Each month you will reflect on the previous month, write down important month to-dos, brainstorm goals, fill out a tending list (most important), and after the month is over you will reflect/prepare for the next month. The tending list is what you will see every day. I always have my PowerSheets open to my tending list page. This is the page I post on Instagram if you want to check it out (@financiallifocused). This page is where I see my daily, weekly, monthly goals and track my progress.

PowerSheets also come with seasonal refresh pages in case you want to change your goals. Things happen. Trust me my 2019 was NOT smooth. Goals change. People change. Life changes. Don’t feel like you have to stick to the goals you set in January. You can adjust your goals and do what works for you. You are more likely to reach a goal if it is actually obtainable than sticking it out with goals you set 6-8 months ago. That is why the refresh pages are SO helpful. Make sure you set aside enough time to actually do them. Do not rush through those pages.

My Favorite Accessories

Sticker Book

My absolute FAVORITE accessory is the sticker book. I buy this every year! It makes your monthly tending list so much better and the stickers are great to use in your planner. Each book has over 1,600 stickers. I use the stickers on birthday cards, notes, and in my Simplified Planner. Sami (@asunnysideuplife) and I have a friendly competition to see who can use the most stickers each month on our tending list.


Wall Calendar

I use a wall calendar in my office so I can quickly see what I have going on that month. This one is absolutely beautiful! I love the quotes each month and the gold foil. If you need something to brighten your office or kitchen, this is definitely the perfect accessory.

Wildcard Pages

I received the Wildcard Pages in my bundle last year and some of the pages really came in handy. I loved the perpetual calendar to write down birthdays or important events so I didn’t forget. I also found the organization/declutter pages really helpful. It is still hanging in my office. Some new pages this year are go-to meals, books read this year, what to read next, and fun list. I think those are the PERFECT additions. You can tape these pages into your PowerSheets or you can hang them up. You obviously can create these yourself but I love the format /size and sometimes it is easier to just pay for convenience.


One of my 2020 goals will be to make more time for relationships. This includes Joe, friends, and family. These postcards will help me reach this goal. I do not want to only send cards for birthdays but also to cheer my friends/family on and so they know I am thinking of them. I absolutely love these postcards and definitely will be getting them on launch day.

The Best Year Bundle

If you are wanting a few accessories with the PowerSheets, the bundle is the BEST option. You will save $20 by choosing the bundle instead of getting each item separately. You get:

-PowerSheets (choose cover)
-Goal Setting Sticker Book
-Accessory Pouch (choose color)
-Cultivate Washi Tape
-Wildcard Page Pack

I got the bundle last year and I loved it. This year the bundle includes 5 washi tapes instead of 3! The PowerSheets and Sticker Book are

There are a TON of other accessories this year so make sure you check out the Cultivate website. I just highlighted some of my favorites that I will be purchasing but there are also greeting cards, notebooks, accessory pouches and more!

What cover is your favorite? What will you be purchasing on launch day?

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