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Ready to set some goals in 2019? Did you write down 2018 goals but not reach them? Maybe you made some progress but you need some help staying accountable and breaking down your goals into actionable steps. Maybe you know where you want to be at the end of 2019 but don’t know how to get there.

If this is you, you NEED to use PowerSheets. If you follow me on social media, you have definitely seen me post pictures of my PowerSheets and how much they have helped me. 2018 was my third year using PowerSheets and each year I use them I get more organized, more productive, and reach more goals.

The 2019 PowerSheets launch TODAY. Not only are they releasing the 2019 PowerSheets but SO many cute accessories and bundles.

What are PowerSheets?

For those of you who are sitting here thinking what are PowerSheets, let me quickly explain. PowerSheets are an intentional goal planner. They come in dated one year planners or undated 6-month planners. In my opinion, it is worth getting the one year planner because it is a $16 price difference and you pretty much are doubling the value!

One NEW thing for the 2019 covers is you can choose your cover!!! Before they only had 1 cover option for the dated one year planner and now we get to choose from FOUR! Y’all I am so excited about this. What cover are you going to get? Let me know in the comments.

At the beginning of every set of PowerSheets, there is prep work to really help you think about what your goals are and what you want to accomplish in the next year. I highly recommend doing this before the start of the year and discussing it with a spouse, friend, coworker, or really anyone. One thing that really helped me this year was having a mini accountability group with some other PowerSheets users. We “met” (virtually) once a month to discuss our upcoming goals, what we accomplished this month, things we are struggling with, etc. It really was a game changer.

My Favorite Parts

Each month you will reflect on the previous month, write down important month to-dos, brainstorm goals, fill out a tending list (most important), and after the month is over you will reflect/prepare for the next month. The tending list is what you will see every day. I always have my PowerSheets open to my tending list page. This is the page I post on Instagram if you want to check it out (@financiallifocused). This page is where I see my daily, weekly, monthly goals and track my progress.

PowerSheets also come with seasonal refresh pages in case you want to change your goals. Things happen. Trust me my 2018 was NOT smooth. Goals change. People change. Life changes. Don’t feel like you have to stick to the goals you set in January. You can adjust your goals and do what works for you. You are more likely to reach a goal if it is actually obtainable than sticking it out with goals you set 6-8 months ago. That is why the refresh pages are SO helpful. Make sure you set aside enough time to actually do them. Do not rush through those pages. Just an FYI, the seasonal refresh pages are only included in the one year dated planner.

Bundles and Accessories

Sticker Book

One accessory I think you absolutely need is the sticker book. I HOARD stickers. I love staring at them because they are so pretty but hate using them. Sami from A Sunny Side Up Life has been challenging me to use more stickers on my tending lists so I don’t end up on a hoarding show.

• More than 1,700 stickers
• Flexible flip-open cover and gold elastic band to keep it closed (NEW!)
• 21 pages
• Goal Color-Coding System to help you tend to your 2019 PowerSheets goals
• Designed to fit on your PowerSheets Tending List
• Vibrant, full color and gold foil stickers

These stickers are perfect for your PowerSheets, planner, greeting cards, etc. I will definitely be buying another sticker book.

Wall Calendar

This product is NEW for 2019 and I am so excited. I am going to put this in my office. The calendar has encouraging quotes and phrases each month to inspire you all year long and help you stay on top of your plans and important dates. I am so excited that they created this.

• BRAND NEW to the 2019 PowerSheets Collection
• 13 Month Calendar, dated January 2019 through January 2020
• Colorful and gold foiled artwork on each spread, sure to inspire you!
• Space on each spread to make lists and notes
• Precut hole for easy hanging!
• 12×10″

Wildcard Page Packs

The PowerSheets come with some blank wildcard pages for you to write down notes, doodle, or paste a wildcard page. With your purchase of PowerSheets, you have access to a TON of wildcard pages that you can print. Last year I printed some wildcard pages to cut and paste into my PowerSheets. I had one for organization /decluttering, books I wanted to read, monthly calendar, and financial check-in. They were a HIT so this year the Cultivate team made them for sale already cut to fit on your blank Wildcard pages in your PowerSheets. These aren’t a necessity since you can print them for free but if you want some colorful, precut pages for $10 (around $0.42 a sheet) it is a STEAL. I will be buying a set.

• 24 colorful worksheets to put in your PowerSheets
• Including: 1 Perpetual Calendar, 12 Monthly Calendars, 2 Organize + Declutter pages, 2 Self Care pages, 1 Reading List, 4 Financial Check-Ins, 2 Relationship Tending pages
• Measures 6 x 9 inches to fit perfectly on Wildcard Pages in your PowerSheets

The Ultimate Bundle

If you have read through this post and thought ummm I want everything (aka that is me), the Cultivate team has created a bundle to make it easy for you and save you some money. The bundle includes:

2019 PowerSheets One-Year Intentional Goal Planner: You get to choose your cover color with this bundle!
Make It Happen Zipper Pouch: Choose from three colors with this bundle ( pink, yellow, and teal)
2019 Goal Setting Sticker Book: 21 pages and more than 1,700 colorful and gold foil stickers!
Wildcard Page Pack: 24 meaningful worksheets to help you customize your PowerSheets.
Tending Tape: 3 rolls of their new washi tape

To be completely honest, I am thinking about getting the bundle because I really am trying to be intentional in 2019 and make progress on my personal and professional goals. I am done with school December 2018 (getting your MBA while working full-time is ROUGH) and I am getting married in August 2019 so I want to make 2019 the best year ever. I will have more free time and fewer reasons to make excuses.

There are a TON of other accessories this year so make sure you check out the Cultivate website. I just highlighted some of my favorites that I will be purchasing but there are also new greeting cards, tending tape (washi tape), notepads, zipper pouches and more!

Ready to buy your set of 2019 PowerSheets and check out the accessories? Click here to go straight to the PowerSheets page!

Let me know in the comments what you bought and one of your 2019 goals.

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