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I bet you’ve googled “how to save money” many times. Especially with the price of EVERYTHING going up. My grocery bill used to be like $80 a week and now it is $140 (or more)! I wish I had a trick for you to save hundreds of dollars a month but that isn’t always possible. Instead I am going to share a few of my favorite ways to save that will work for anyone (and maybe a few will save you hundreds…who knows).

Here are a few easy ways to save money:

1. Review Subscriptions

You have to look at your budget and see where your money is going. Remember that free trial you signed up for years ago? Well it is probably not free anymore and you are paying $14.99 a month for it. Do you have a gym membership you rarely use? Maybe you should consider canceling it (or at least pausing it). Check out your streaming services. Do you need Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, Discovery+,, etc.? If you have services you aren’t using, go ahead and make the call to cancel them. Even if you don’t want to cancel, see if you can get a discount. Check on your app store and see if there are any subscriptions that you may still be paying for but are not using (or maybe something your kids downloaded and you had no idea).

2. Cash Back Apps

If you aren’t using these you are truly missing out. They are SO easy to use. One I use seriously all the time is Rakuten. If you shop online you need to use Rakuten. You get cash back for buying things online that you were already going to buy. A lot of people use Upside at the gas station and you can save money on gas. Personally, I don’t want to drive around and it is only accepted at certain gas stations so I don’t use it but a lot of people love it. Fetch is another great app that will give you gift cards to your favorite places. All you do is snap a picture of your receipt and you get points to redeem for gift cards. You can also use tools like Honey or Capital One Shopping when online shopping to find good deals. 

3. Meal Planning

I am going to be honest, I am not the best at this. BUT I am getting better. Before you go grocery shopping, you need to at least map out what meals you’re going to make for the week. You don’t necessarily need to plan which night but it is so helpful to have a list of meals. Bonus tip, look at the grocery ads and look at what is on sell that week to make your plan. Having a plan ahead of time gives you a clear idea of what you need to buy while at the grocery store which will keep you from just putting food in your cart. It will help you save on random groceries you never end up using and help you spend less on takeout. 

4. Negotiate Bills

I know this seems annoying and time consuming but 5 minutes can potentially save you hundreds of dollars a year (that is why there is an entire bonus module in Flourish FinanciALLI on negotiating WITH scripts). Many times, you can negotiate a discount you just need to ask. These companies would rather help you get a better deal than lose your business all together. Start with your internet, phone, and cable companies. You can also contact your credit card company and negotiate your interest rate (and get rid of fees). 

5. Reduce Impulse Purchases

It is so easy to say I need this and buy and then realize you don’t really need it and feel guilty about the purchase. To avoid the regret and guilt, what 24 hours and if you still need/want it and can afford it, buy it. Also, take the time to think about why you are buying. Are you spending because you are having a bad day? Are you spending to make yourself feel better? What is the root of the spending? If you can pinpoint why you want to spend then you can stop impulse buying. 

6. Sell Unused Items

Check around your house and see what you have to get rid of because it is out of season, the wrong size, or even an item you no longer want. I always start with Facebook marketplace but you can try local FB groups, poshmark, or mercari as well. You can always take items to consignment shops to get some money back. Since the weather is warmer, a garage sale is a great way to get rid of things you do not want anymore and make a little money. 

7. Energy Efficient Home Improvements:

I have tried to do this recently so we will see how much it really saves. You can change bulbs to LED and keep your thermostat on a constant temperature to help save some money on your electricity bill. Make sure you are turning off your lights when you leave for the day. Unplug chargers or other appliances that you aren’t using especially when you are going away for a few days. These are small steps that can save some money on your electricity bill. 

These are just a few ways that you can save some money. Let me know in the comments other ways you save. If you’re ready for more and want some amazing workbooks and resources,  check out my freebies (click here).

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