DIY Wedding Day Emergency Kits from Dollar Tree

DIY Wedding Day Emergency Kits from Dollar Tree (1)

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Everyone tells you what you might need on your wedding day. The list is VERY long. Everyone’s list is different. I decided I wanted to put together a box for the bridal suite and a box for the groom’s quarters. I wrote a list on my phone of items I thought we might need. The keyword is: MIGHT. I didn’t want to spend a lot because I knew that we most likely would not be using it all.

I wanted to get as much as I could from Dollar Tree. The good news is, I was able to get almost everything from Dollar Tree. A few items I already had at home and one I got from Amazon (makeup artist recommended).

I wanted to share with you everything that was inside my day of emergency kits and let you know which items we actually used.

First the list:

Bridal Kit

-Clear Nail Polish (Dollar Tree)
-Tissues (Dollar Tree)
-Band-aids (Dollar Tree)
-Deodorant (Dollar Tree)
-Bobby Pins (Dollar Tree)
-Toothpicks (Dollar Tree)
-Advil (Dollar Tree)
-Baby Powder (Dollar Tree)
-Mirror (Dollar Tree)
-Pens (Dollar Tree)
-Hand Sanitizer (Dollar Tree)
-Clear Container (Dollar Tree)
-Sewing Kit (at home)
-Bug spray (at home)
-Tampons (at home)
-Mints (Dollar Tree)
-Crest Mini Toothbrushes (Dollar Tree)
-Eyelash Glue (Amazon)
-Hairspray (at home)

Groom’s Kit

-Tissues (Dollar Tree)
-Band-aids (Dollar Tree)
-Deodorant (Dollar Tree)
-Advil (Dollar Tree)
-Tide Pen (at home)
-Pens (Dollar Tree)
-Hand Sanitizer (Dollar Tree)
-Clear Container (Dollar Tree)
-Mints (Dollar Tree)
-Toothpicks (Dollar Tree)
-Crest Mini Toothbrushes (Dollar Tree)

All of the items in the groom’s kit except the crest mini toothbrushes, clear container, and deodorant were in a package so I was able to use them in the bridal kit and the groom’s kit. The box of band-aids from Dollar Tree is HUGE so I am pretty much set for a while.

Now, for the part you probably care most about. What did I actually use on my wedding day?

I obviously used both clear containers since that is what the kits were in. The containers were a little flimsy but they were $1 each and served its purpose. I wouldn’t put anything super heavy in them but they fit everything I needed for our wedding day.

From the bridal kit, we used the eyelash glue (we all had fake eyelashes), tissues, Advil, tampons, sewing kit, pen, hairspray, and mints.

From the groom’s kit, they used mints, crest toothbrushes, tissues, band-aids, Advil, and pen. I don’t know if they actually needed to use all of that or just used it because it was available to them. I also put snacks in the groom’s quarters and those were obviously all gone.

The most important items, in my opinion, are mini sewing kit, eyelash glue (if you have fake eyelashes), deodorant, and mints/mouthwash. We had a button come off one of the bridesmaid dresses so the sewing kit came in handy. We also had a bridesmaid eyelash issue so the glue came in handy right before the ceremony. That is the glue my makeup artist recommended. If you want to purchase it, this link will take you to Amazon. It worked perfectly (and it’s $5)! After eating and drinking all day (Chick-Fil-A and mimosas for us) it was important to have mints prior to the ceremony.

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The other items I knew I could use again after my wedding (and most of them were $1) so I wasn’t too worried about them being wasted. The only item I do not think we needed was the mirror. Our bridal suite had a HUGE mirror so it wasn’t needed. It was $1 so I am not that upset about it but that is probably the only item I might not use.

What item is a must-have in your day of emergency kit? What item did you think you would need but never used?

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