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Easy Ways to Save Money on Travel

Before you book your next trip, make sure to check out these easy ways to save money on travel. Traveling can get SUPER expensive and sometimes it is hard to save money. Expenses like food, fees, and transportation add up fast.


How to Travel Internationally on a Budget

Earlier this month I spent 10 days in Australia. It was NOT enough time but it was an amazing trip. Traveling is my passion. I studied abroad for a semester in China and I did a short-term study abroad in Europe.


Why You Should Splurge on Memories

On selection Sunday it was announced that my alma mater would play in the NCAA tournament. When the Gamecocks popped up on the screen for the NCAA tournament and it said they will be playing in Greenville, which is where I live,


7 Local Things To Do On A No Spend Weekend

A no spend weekend is hard. It takes a lot of self-control but it helps you get things done and save a ton of money! You don’t need to overthink a no spend weekend. You also don’t need to travel far

how to choose the best travel card for you

How to Choose a Travel Credit Card

Travel cards are a great way to earn free points that can be redeemed for airfares, hotels, rental cars, or even cash. When I first started looking at travel credit cards I wasn’t sure where to start. I assumed they would

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Alli Williams

I’m a mom of 2 crazy boys living on a farm in SC and my mission is to help you get unstuck with your finances and reach your big money goals (without deprivation). You can pay off debt, save, and spend at the same time (I’m here to help!)

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