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4 Ways to Make More Money (Without an MLM)

I promise you, there are more legitimate ways to make more money without selling your soul to an MLM. Between summertime and inflation, the number of MLM Facebook posts I have seen has skyrocketed. My Facebook is flooded with new MLM

Side Hustles | Risks

Can Side Hustles Be Dangerous?

I’m typing this with my left hand because I have an ice pack on my right hand. Side hustles are great. I have a few and I’ve tried many different ones. I have been so focused on my savings goals that


How to Make an Extra $500-$1000/Month Flipping Items

I was super excited when I heard about Flea Market Flipper University for a few reasons: I am currently decluttering my apartment during our declutter challenge in my Facebook group Millennial Money Moves I was always interested in selling items around

Free Investing | Millennials | Robinhood App

Robinhood Review: Is It Really Free Trading?

I have been really interested in learning more about the stock market and figuring out this whole investing thing. I have my 401k and I just started a Roth IRA but I still don’t know much. I have been using Robinhood

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Alli Williams

I’m a mom of 2 crazy boys living on a farm in SC and my mission is to help you get unstuck with your finances and reach your big money goals (without deprivation). You can pay off debt, save, and spend at the same time (I’m here to help!)

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