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3 Tips for Having the Money Talk

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over 2 years and things are amazing. Seriously couldn’t be happier (free advertising for Tinder!) We started to have conversations about our finances early on in our relationship. I didn’t want to wait until we were engaged,…

Parents: Don’t Cosign Your Child’s Student Loans

It’s no secret: college is expensive, and the cost is only rising.  The price of an average four-year degree is out of reach of most Americans — without the assistance of student loans.  For most prospective and current students, student loans can help bridge the…

The 411 on Student Loans

Do you have student loans? Will you need to take out student loans? Learning about student loans can be very overwhelming. It is important to fully understand all aspects of your loans if you want to be able to pay them off quickly and efficiently.