Budget Friendly Activities for Each Month of 2024

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There are plenty of activities you can do each month that are budget friendly. Fun doesn’t have to break the bank or ruin your savings plan. Check out these budget friendly activities that you can do to help you have fun while staying within your financial goals. Of course if you need help creating a budget or realistic financial plan, check out my free foundations course


Start your year with a DIY Spa Day. What better way to recover from the holidays than taking time to  pamper yourself. Check out the face masks, bath bombs and lotions from Target, Walmart or The Dollar Store. Draw a relaxing bath, light a great smelling candle and enjoy your favorite beverage. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to take some time for yourself. This is also a great time to do a vision board for the year (can get your kids involved too!). Cut magazine photos if you have or even create it on the computer. You can download and print it if you want!


Movie Marathon Nights would be a great way to spend a cold day at the beginning of the year. Look up a new movie to try or watch an old favorite while enjoying some popcorn and your favorite movie snacks. Watching movies at home is great because you can pause them whenever you like to refill your goodies and take that bathroom break without missing any important parts. 


The weather is going to be warming up (if you live in the South at least haha) so why not head out for a hike! Find a park or nature reserve near you and spend a day in nature. Don’t forget to bring some water and snacks to keep you from getting hungry on the trail. 


The flowers are blooming making it a great time to enjoy a picnic outside. Make some good food, take a frisbee out and enjoy being outside in the fresh air. You can even see if there are any botanical gardens close by. You can also explore local coffee shops or find a new restaurant to go to with friends and split appetizers (or go for happy hour).


Check out your community events. Many communities have free concerts, art events or even cultural events going on. Look through your city’s Facebook groups to see what is going on that you can enjoy. There are usually coupons online or even discount days for local attractions. 


School is ending and it’s a great time to head to the nearest beach. Enjoy the sand and the surf while relaxing at the beginning of summer. Don’t live near the beach, go to a local lake or a neighborhood pool and enjoy the water. 


Summertime is a great time to do some star gazing. The weather is warm and it is a great time to lay out under the stars and enjoy. You can see if there is a local astronomy club if you want to find out more about the stars. You can also host a cookout with friends and/or get a blow up pool for your kids. My boys loved a cheap blow up pool we found at Target.


Visit a Local Farmers Market. Support your local businesses and you may find some great deals on foods or crafts that you enjoy. It’s always a great place to try new foods that are found in your area. 


Who likes crafts? Why not try your hand at a craft day? You can find some printables online for your kids or go to your local craft store and see what crafts you want to complete. It is also football season so this is the perfect time to host a “tailgate” at your house. You can have friends bring over a dish and celebrate your team and watch the game!


It’s pumpkin time! There are pumpkin patches all over that you can go and look around at crafts, mazes and more. You don’t have to spend a lot and you can even leave with a pumpkin to take home and carve. 


Thanksgiving is the theme for this month and what better way to show your friends how much they mean to you than by having a FriendsGiving. Each person can bring a dish for you all to enjoy while you spend time with people you care about. 


Holiday Lights Tour time! You can do a drive or a walk through neighborhoods near you that have beautiful lights and decorations. Experiencing the lights can help you get in a holiday spirit while enjoying a fun, budget friendly activity.

Fun times don’t always have to be expensive and full of planning. Try to plan activities based on what is going on where you live and activities that you enjoy. Depending on the time of year, you can find indoor or outdoor activities to do to help you explore your community. 

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