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Alli has been a featured money expert on news segments, hired to speak at masterminds, featured on dozens of podcasts, and more. 

She is available to speak (in person or virtually) to organizations, groups, masterminds, retreats, corporations, and more.

About Alli

Alli is the founder and CEO of FinanciALLI Focused, a financial literacy company helping people create a flexible financial plan they can actually stick to (no deprivation here). She has helped hundreds of people pay off debt, build savings, spend on what they value, invest, and feel confident with their finances. She paid off over six-figures of debt while still saving, investing, and buying season football tickets.

Alli’s work has been featured on Business Insider, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, GVL Today, Cola Today, WSPA 7 News, and more.

Alli has her MBA in Finance from the University of South Carolina and is based in the Upstate of South Carolina. She spends her time at football games (Go Gamecocks!) and with a Starbucks latte in her hand.

Suggested Topics

Financial Literacy 101

In this session we are going to cover the basics like what is the best budgeting method, how to choose a debt payoff plan, what to save for, what makes up your credit score, and more. This will be a high-level overview of all of the most important financial terms and topics you need to know.

How to Spend Money Without the Guilt

Spending money isn’t bad. I mean my husband and I had $154k of debt and we still had season football tickets. We just need to understand what we are spending on and why. Does it align with our values? Are we emotionally spending? Let’s make sure you feel GOOD about spending and not guilty.

How to Create a Realistic Flexible Budget

Budgets don’t have to be boring and strict (they can be really fun). I will teach you how to create a budget so you can pay off debt, save, and spend all at the same time (yes it’s possible!) Budgets allow you to save for the things you need and spend on the things you want. Let's learn to create a flexible budget you can actually stick to long term so you can reach your big money goals.

The 411 on Investing

I know investing terms and accounts can be super overwhelming. In this session we will go over the basic investing terms you need to know (index fund, ETF, small cap, mid cap, expense ratios, and more) as well as what accounts you should open. This session will simplify investing so you can take action today.

Why it’s Important to Separate Your Business & Personal Finances

This is something you can walk away doing right after the session! Separate checking and savings accounts, AND separate business and personal budgets (simple but SO effective). Why do you want to make more money? What is your why? What are you using the money for? I’ll teach you how to find accountability and also how to set SMART goals (specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, time-based) to help keep them on track with a plan they can commit to.

How to Be Financially Prepared for Children

The nitty gritty stuff no one tells you about like you and your baby both get a bill, understanding health insurance for baby, getting hospital estimates before you give birth (payment plans!) or negotiating medical bills.We can also cover the pros & cons investing options for child, the benefits of savings for future activities and milestones, etc.

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