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Money Questions | Annual Review

13 Money Questions to Ask Yourself Every Year

Can you believe 2022 is almost over? This year flew by. I am starting to think about my 2023 money goals and reflect on 2022. It is important to take some time to ask yourself these money questions at least once


Wedding Traditions We Kept (And Ones We Didn’t)

One of my friends (@takinglachance on IG) mentioned this topic and I thought it was perfect. There are so many different wedding traditions depending on your location, religion, age, etc. There were a few traditions that were important to us and


DIY Wedding Day Emergency Kits from Dollar Tree

Everyone tells you what you might need on your wedding day. The list is VERY long. Everyone’s list is different. I decided I wanted to put together a box for the bridal suite and a box for the groom’s quarters. I


Our Wedding Budget and Vendor Breakdown

Wedding budgets are hard to set and even harder to stick to. I wanted to share my budget and vendors to help you during the wedding planning process (and for you nosy people who aren’t planning a wedding). We have been


Why We Are Not Having a Cheap Wedding

I will start by saying this obviously depends on what city/state you are having your wedding. What I am spending in South Carolina is obviously not the same as what someone might spend in New York. The average cost of an


My 2019 PowerSheets Goals + Word of the Year

I know we are halfway through January but I FINALLY finished my PowerSheets prep work and my 2019 goals. To be honest I wasn’t super motivated to complete my prep work this year. The end of the year is always so

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Alli Williams

I’m a mom of 2 crazy boys living on a farm in SC and my mission is to help you get unstuck with your finances and reach your big money goals (without deprivation). You can pay off debt, save, and spend at the same time (I’m here to help!)

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