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The Truth About Buying a Car

Picture this: You’ve just graduated college. It’s time to buy a car and you have never made a big purchase on your own. You see all of the beautiful new cars and are hypnotized by all of the cool features. Your


Why I Use Credit Cards

Please hear me out. I know Dave Ramsey says that you should cut up your credit cards and never use them again. I respect Dave and think he is a very intelligent man and he has helped so many people. This


Book Review: Make it Happen

This book is seriously a game changer. You will want to read it over and over again and buy it for all of your friends/family. Lara Casey is the creator of the PowerSheets, which I think is the best goal planner


Why You Should Care About Your Credit Score

There are a some very smart and successful personal finance experts that feel you don’t need a credit score. That you will be able to get a loan without one. That you should have a credit score of zero. Personally I disagree.


Personal Finance Survey Results

I am finally getting around to analyzing my first survey results. Thank you so much for participating. I really do appreciate it. I am planning on doing more surveys & giveaways in the future so make sure you’re following me on


6 Ways to Teach Kids About Money

It is so important to teach kids about money at an early age. We want kids to learn about saving, spending, and giving so they can carry those habits into their 20s, 30s, 40s, and so on. There are some great


Top Money Saving Hacks

I know we are all looking for new and easy ways to save money. These are my top money saving hacks that have worked for me. I think they will work for you too!


5 Tips for Choosing a Credit Card

Credit cards are not free money so it is important that you use them wisely to avoid paying interest or hurting your credit score. There are a few factors you should consider when you are choosing a new credit card. I listed

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Alli Williams

I’m a mom of 2 crazy boys living on a farm in SC and my mission is to help you get unstuck with your finances and reach your big money goals (without deprivation). You can pay off debt, save, and spend at the same time (I’m here to help!)

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