15 of My Favorite Stocking Stuffers for Her Under $15

15 of My Favorite Stocking Stuffers for Her Under $15

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Stocking stuffers are my favorite. Most of the Christmas gifts I actually use come from my stocking. When I was little I would hide my stocking and open my other presents first so that when everyone was done I would open my stocking and be the last person opening gifts. I would also try to open my sisters’ gifts and hope they didn’t notice which is caught on some home videos. Honestly, I would rather open stocking stuffers than big gifts. Stocking stuffers don’t have to be expensive. I wanted to share some of my favorite stocking stuffers for her under $15. All of these gifts I have used in the past or use currently.

Fuzzy Socks:

Fuzzy socks are my FAVORITE. I am always freezing so I definitely wear fuzzy socks longer than just December but they are great to put in a stocking. I linked socks from Amazon that are $15 for a pack of 5 so they are $3/pair which is a great deal. These have great reviews on Amazon but feel free to check out the Target dollar section because they usually have some too.

Goal Guides:

These goal guides are $12 and I think they make the perfect stocking stuffers. Cultivate What Matters (the creators of the AMAZING PowerSheets). I have completed the financial goal guide and it is a great way to start setting goals and understanding your why. Cultivate What Matters has finance, couples, parents, and wellness goal guides. Click here to view them and other accessories.

Summer Goal Setting

Nail Polish:

I love getting my nails done. Up until this month, I got them done every 4-5 weeks it was a treat. I took my manicure out of our budget for now since we are really focusing on paying off debt but I definitely want to keep my nails painted. I love Essie polish even though it is a little bit more expensive. It lasts so much longer and I love all the colors (and the names). Below is one of my favorite colors for winter (I also love the name Mrs. Always-Right).

Phone Charger:

How often do we lose or break phone chargers? For me, it is quite often. Phone chargers are pretty cheap now and pretty much anyone will be thankful to get an extra one to keep in their office, bedroom, car, etc. Below are the phone chargers we bought a few months ago and so far (fingers crossed) they have been working great. It is $10 for a pack of 3 so it is $3.33/charger which makes you feel better when your puppy eats one (thanks DJ).

Mini Notebooks:

If you have been following me for any amount of time you know I love my Simplified Planner by Emily Ley and all of the cute accessories. Emily Ley has mini notebooks in the same prints as her planners and they are only $10. They make the perfect stocking stuffer gift! I have the watercolor floral for my 2019 planner and I am thinking about getting myself a matching notebook. 

Face Masks:

To be honest I have only used a face mask twice ever but I am definitely trying to learn more about the benefits and who doesn’t like to pamper themselves sometimes. Amazon has some great face masks (that is where I got face masks for my bridesmaid boxes). Below is one set of 16 face masks for around $11 and it has great reviews. Each mask is different and has a different purpose so feel free to split these between multiple stockings or save some for birthday gifts (pairs great with a bottle of wine).

Mini Bottles:

Who doesn’t love mini bottles of wine, champagne, or liquor? Mini bottles are super easy to throw into a stocking and guaranteed to be a hit. They might even make Christmas 100x more entertaining. Last year during our family Christmas we “iced” my grandma (and 5 other people) and it definitely made Christmas so much better.


I know this might not seem like a super exciting gift but I go through so many tubes of this in the winter. This is the only thing that works for my chapped lips and hands. Most chapsticks make my lips more chapped and Aquaphor is AMAZING. It can also be used for minor scrapes and burns as well as irritated skin.

Sticker Books:

My FAVORITE sticker book is the goal-setting sticker book from Cultivate What Matters. I use the stickers in my PowerSheets, on packages, in my planner, and in greeting cards. It is $14 and has over 1,700 stickers. There are a ton of sticker packs on Amazon and Emily Ley has an amazing hand-drawn sticker book.

Gift Cards:

I love getting $5-$10 gift cards to Starbucks. You can buy gift cards to Uber/Lyft, Panera, Chick-fil-a, or any restaurant/store. These are my favorite because when I want a treat I don’t need to use my own spending money so gift cards are always appreciated (especially right now on our debt free journey). If you are buying gift cards, make sure to check out websites like raise.com and giftcardgranny.com for discounted gift cards. Raise.com is also a part of Ebates. If you don’t already use Ebates for all your online shopping you are missing out! Make sure to use my link to get $10 for free after your first purchase.

Wine Stoppers:

I drink a lot of wine and I hate keeping the corks. The normal wine stoppers I had were so tall and the bottle wouldn’t with the stopper in my fridge. One of my good friends gave out wine stoppers as her wedding guest gift and they were flat at the top and I was obsessed. I made her give me like 10 more. I found something very similar on Amazon and it has amazing reviews. It is not only a wine stopper but removes air from your wine bottle to keep wine tasting new for up to a week.


I love to use the Papermate Flair Pens to write in my planner and my PowerSheets. I have also used them for some of my Debt Free Charts but now I am using markers so I don’t waste the pen ink. This pack of 16 pens is $16 but Amazon has packs of 10 for $15 (the 16 pack is $1/pen and 10 pack is $1.5/pen)

Weekly Calendar Magnet:

I have had this weekly calendar magnet ($12) since it came out last year and I love it. Right now I use it to plan our meals for the week but I have used it in the past to write important events for the week. I love the pattern (it is the same as my 2019 planner) and it is the perfect size. You can put it on your fridge so you see it every day. My only “complaint” is that the marker eraser isn’t that great but I usually will use a dish rag or paper towel if I end up leaving the ink on for too long. The marker works great and you can, of course, use any whiteboard marker on it.

Dry Shampoo:

I am not someone who enjoys washing my hair. I hate feeling cold after I shower, I don’t blow dry my hair and it takes forever to dry. Dry shampoo is a lifesaver for me. I currently use the Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo but I know people also love Batiste. I linked below the specific one I use and it works great for me. I do not have overly oily hair but I definitely need to use dry shampoo if I do not wash my hair for a few days.

Brain Games:

I LOVE doing puzzles: crossword, sudoku, word search. I have a few phone apps but I love having books for flights, road trips, or lazy days. Puzzle books are a great stocking stuffer for any age. Sometimes we all need a break from Netflix (or do a Sudoku puzzle while watching Netflix).

What are some of your favorite stocking stuffers? I am always looking for suggestions! Also, did anyone else get toothpaste in their stocking every year? I did and I did not appreciate it when I was younger but now I love it.

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